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Customer Support Virtual AssistantCustomer service is the key foundation for your success as a business owner. Keeping your customers happy takes time, patience, and experience that business owners often don’t have time for. There are so many different aspects of running a business, and once your business reaches a certain level, you cannot do it all alone. Rather than letting customer service fall by the wayside, the best thing you can do is hire a Customer Service Virtual Assistant to take on the responsibility. Let an experienced VA handle those emails and phone calls. Focus on your business and let Brio-Up remote customer service handle these time-consuming tasks.

Why Do You Need A Customer Service Virtual Assistant?

A Customer Service Virtual Assistant has the necessary skills to manage all your customer service tasks. From answering questions by email or over the phone, chatting live or responding to reviews, a virtual assistant is an important position to have as it represents the company’s brand. Fast, reliable service is the key to successful communication that customers love and that is what Brio-Up Customer Service VA’s strive for.

What We Know

Our Customer Support Virtual Assistants Are Familiar With A Variety Of Programs & Are Always Learning New Ones – You Can Instruct Your VA On Specific Software For Your Business

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Remote Customer Support Services From Brio-Up Team

 Here Are The Few Tasks You Can Provide Your Customer Service Virtual Assistant To Help Your Business

  • Creating Message Templates
  • Answering Questions Asked
  • Commenting On Reviews
  • Replying To Positive Customer Feedback
  • Refunding Orders
  • Dealing With Negative Customer Feedback
  • Manually Shipping Out FBA Units
  • Creating Removal Orders
  • Managing FBM orders
  • Locating Past Orders
Save On Office Space

No Matter The Company Size - Don't Worry About Renting An Office

Time Is Money

Let Our Virtual Assistant Team Handle Your Tasks - So You Can Have Time For Your Business

Control Your Business

Delegate The Easy, Tedious Work To Us - Teach & Manage Your Personal VA

Questions & Answers About VA Services

What Kind Of Customer Support Do You Do?

Brio-up outsources customer support virtual assistant answer questions by email or over the phone, support client in  online chat or responding and manage reviews

How Will You Keep Information & Data Safe From Being Used Elsewhere?

Firstly, All Employees Sign A Non-Disclosure Agreement With Our Virtual Assistant Company Brio-Up. Secondly, All VA’s Sign With The Company They Will Be Working With. All Data Is Never Kept On Virtual Assistant’s Computer And Only The VA And Company Can Access The Data. This Is Made Sure All Data Is Kept Private And Confidential So You Can Be Assured All Data Is Protected And Secured 100%!

How Do You Send & Receive Files For Customer Support?

We Use Secured Software Tools Such As Google Drive, DropBox, WeTransfer, And Other Similar Tools. If You Have A Preferred Way Of Sending & Receiving Documents Feel Free To Speak About It With Your Virtual Assistant

How Long Does It Take For Customer Support To Complete?

Every Customer Support Service Is Different. If You Have A Set Time On How Long Each Task Takes Then You Can Recommend On How Long It Takes. At First, It Will Take Some Adjustments For The VA And Then They Will Find Their System Of Completing The Task On A Timely Manner.

How Do I Know What Has Been Completed?

We Use Project Management Software To Keep Track And Communicate With Each Virtual Assistant. You Will Know Current & Upcoming Tasks.

How Do I Communicate With The Virtual Assistant?

The Virtual Assistant Can Use Skype, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, WeChat, Or Email. We Also Have A Project Management System To Communicate

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    The Hiring Process

    Step 1

    Provide Brio-Up With Virtual Assistant Requirements

    Step 2

    HR Team Will Search For Virtual Assistant

    Step 3

    Virtual Assistant Will Be Interviewed

    Hire A Customer Support Services Virtual Assistant

    What to focus on your core business but need too many regular tasks like blog posting? The virtual private assistant can help you with this issue easily.

    Once a Virtual Assistant has been chosen, they will then be recommended to you and an interview will be set up. You will have the chance to meet your VA and ask any questions you may have.

    You need to show the VA how you would like the task to be done. The Virtual Assistant saves your time and money, also he/she allows you to focus on your core business.

    The Brio up VA remote virtual assistants has experience of blog posting on the most popular blogging platforms, like WordPress, Blogger etc. The customer service virtual assistant can help you with copywriting, rewriting and unique content creation.

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